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About Us

The Strategic fellowship for High School Ministries (SFHM) was formed in 2014 to provide a common for Christian ministries that are passionately concerned about issues affecting high school students and are engaged in high school outreach. 

These ministries/organizations have over many years worked closely with students and Christian workers, school leadership and chaplains across the country building experience that is crucial to addressing challenges facing our young people.

The mission of SFHM is to achieve greater effectiveness in high school ministry through the facilitation of partnership to support and build upon each other’s ministry strengths while providing a reference point for high school Christian ministry. Key to this is working closely with the education stakeholders to constantly identify areas of focus in a dynamically changing environment to achieve greater results in our schools. 

Composed initially of 6 members in 2010, SFHM now has 10 members’ ministries and is focused on bringing on board other ministries involved in high school outreach across East Africa.