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In 2010, six high school ministries namely Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF), Trinity Fellowship, Park Road Fellowship, Life Ministry, One Hope and Kenya Youth for Christ (KYFC) came together to organize the first National Christian Teachers’ conference (NCTC). KSCF convened the meeting, shared the idea and all the ministries were invited to plan and execute the conference. 

Out of that initial partnership, four National Christian Teachers Conferences (NCTCs) were held annually with other ministries including Commissioners for Christ Ministries (CFCM), Source of Light-East Africa, iServe Africa, Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS), Scripture Union and Navigators partnering in organizing the annual conferences.

Between 2011 and 2012 the partnering ministries began discussions on what would be the best way to take the partnership forward. A number of meetings were held in this regard and a task force formed to collect and collate views from the partnering ministries regarding; Identity, Leadership and operations structure, Finances, Scope/areas of co-operation, Follow up and evaluation and Member benefit. 

In 2013, a task force comprising of leaders from six ministries and led by Mr. James Munene, was constituted with the mandate of designing a draft partnership framework. A proposed partnership framework which is the outcome of the taskforce meetings led to the formation of Strategic Forum for High School Ministries (SFHM). A partnership agreement with the vision, mission, governance and core activities of SFHM was signed by all ministries in 2014 at All Saints cathedral Nairobi. The forum initially operated using the registered entity: Association of Christian Union Patrons and Associates (ACUPA) given by Parkroad Fellowship.

In 2016, the scope for the teachers’ conference was tailored to accommodate participants from the region which was an outcome of the partnership agreement. The first edition of the bi-annual East Africa Christian Teachers conference (EACTC) was held in 2016 with 200 delegates drawn 4 countries namely; Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania. In 2018, there were 350 participants drawn from Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. 

The 2019 AGM ratified the change of the registered name from Association of Christian Union Patrons and Associates to Strategic Fellowship for High School Ministries (SFHM) and was approved by the registrar of societies in April 2019.