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SFHM Membership is open to Christian ministries/organizations that are duly constituted in Kenya and are directly involved in High school ministry.  Each Ministry/organization is  represented by a nominated member of their Executive Board in the SFHM Leadership Team.

SFHM is currently composed of 11 members namely:

OneHope is an international non-denominational ministry with its head office based in Florida, USA. OneHope is working in over 145 countries to present a biblical message of hope to children and youth through age- and culturally-specific programs including children’s magazines, storytelling, animated movies, interactive games, sports programs, smartphone apps and more, working with churches, partner ministries, local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations.


Parkroad Fellowship is a Christian Ministry committed to witnessing for Christ to the youth especially in high schools, colleges and universities since 1978 . The ministry endeavors to proclaim the Gospel and instruct the youth through evangelical and holistic Biblical doctrine as demonstrated in Christ’s ministry on earth. 

KUBAMBA is a pro-church youth ministry started in the year 2000 that seeks to evangelize, disciple, mentor and raise leaders in a timely and relevant manner through spiritual nourishment and by using music and media as a tool. We are a youthful Christian organization that focuses on positively impacting young people aged between 9-35yrs. We use music as our tool to influence young people, to see the Kulture of the Unashamed rise up and get established as inspired by Rom 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes”

Commissioners for Christ Ministry (CFCM); founded in 1985 is an interdenominational, independent and self-supporting ministry made up of professionals from diversified fields with passion to reach young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. CFCM mission is make and develop effective disciples in fulfillment of Christ mission by encouraging, equipping, mobilizing and mentoring them using biblical principles as inspired by the Holy Spirit

Timazi: Timazi Magazine is the only Christian High School Magazine in Kenya.  Timazi is an affiliate of Trinity Fellowship. Timazi is the Swahili word for plumbline which is used by masons to measure the straightness of a wall.  At Timazi, we labor to teach the students to think and act from the Bible. God’s word is the final authority in our lives and therefore all of its aspects must be measured through the scriptures. 

Source of Light – East Africa is a Christian organization engaged in discipleship ministry, offering Bible study courses to High Schools, Churches, Police, Bible Colleges, Work places, Prisons and Barracks in Kenya.  Source of Light-EA exists to bring people of every nation, language and ethnicity into a mature relationship with Jesus Christ and into fellowship with a local church family.

Kenya Youth for Christ: Youth for Christ in Kenya has a vision to evangelize and disciple young people to become Kenya’s future Godly leaders since 1979. Motivated by our faith in Christ, we share the good news of Jesus Christ with young people. This is achieved through Evangelism, discipleship, social involvement, spiritual warfare and Leadership programs in schools, education and vocational training centers for young people.

LIFE Ministry Kenya is an interdenominational Christian organization committed to winning, building and sending Christ-centered Multiplying Disciples since 1973 among students (Student Led Ministry), professionals (Leader Impact), churches (Global Church Movement) and on the digital space (Digital Strategies) in partnership with other organizations. We are part of the bigger family of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI).

Consistent Bible Reading Fellowship

Consistent Bible Reading Fellowship

Consistent Bible Reading (CBR) is a discipline – establishing course that empowers people to read the whole Bible on a daily and systematically basis so that they know the truth and avoid deception. It is conducted in churches, universities and schools in Eastern Africa by Daily Wordfeast Foundation, an organisation registered in Kenya to offer holistic educational services.

PETREM School of Ministry was founded in the year 1996 at Dagoretti High School. . Since it’s establishment, it has raised and nurtured many leaders in the different spheres of influence through the help of the Holy Spirit.It aims at mobilizing and equipping saints for the work of ministry. Over the years PETREM has worked tirelessly to develop all rounded saints through theoretical and practical teaching for effective ministry in the marketplace and mission field

Breathe Ministries was formed in November 2012. The ministry celebrates its anniversary during the annual CU Patrons Breakfast which is the flagship program of the ministry. The CU Patrons Breakfast is an annual event held in honor of Christian Union Patrons in recognition of the great work they do in our schools. The ministry is anchored on the scripture in Matt 28:18-20, The Great Commission and thus our mission statement – GO YE. The ministry activities are predominantly based in High Schools. The ministry aims at evangelizing and grounding the High School student in the Word that he/she would make wise decisions informed from the word of God.